Wireless Surround Speaker System Installation

By installing a Wireless Surround Speaker system in your home you can enjoy surround sound without the miles of cables that are normally associated with them.

Surround sound is a fantastic way to enjoy movies as if you were in a cinema and installing these systems is relatively simple… there’s no need to pull up carpets so that you can lay the cables underneath (as required with wired surround systems).

Wireless Speaker Advantages

A wireless surround speaker system is a useful way of installing surround sound without needing to worry about cables. The wireless technology means that the speakers can be detected and controlled automatically without the use of any cables.

Wireless Surround SpeakerWireless technology is used on all sorts of different devices including cell phones, computers and speakers. If you’ve had enough of the spaghetti tangle behind your home entertainment system or computer, then a wireless speaker system will be ideal for you.

Ease Of Use

These Wireless Surround Speaker systems are much easier to install than the wired varieties. This is because you do not need to connect wires or run them through your walls or under your flooring.


One of the only problems with wireless surround speakers is that they are sometimes susceptible to interference. While the original speakers were more susceptible to this interference, modern examples are much better.

It’s normally possible to adjust the channel you are using, which should minimize the problem caused by interference with other devices including cell phones and portable phones.

Choosing A Wireless Surround Speaker System

When you are choosing wireless surround speaker systems you will have many different types to choose from. The best types are 6.1 or 7.1. These include loads of speakers and a subwoofer. Sometimes the wireless systems will have wired front speakers and wireless back speakers. Do your research to choose the system that you will be happiest with.


Some wireless speaker systems work by plugging into an electrical outlet. This is sometimes quite useful however it would involve making sure that there is a socket exactly where the speakers are. That’s why most of the wireless surround speakers will also work on batteries.

It’s important to choose a Wireless Surround Speaker system which automatically shuts down the back speakers when they are not in use to ensure that they are not wasting any power. You will also need to ensure that you change the batteries on a regular basis to keep your speakers working properly.

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